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Bronze Grand Champion Sire
Katy, Texas 77493, USA

I have no Whippets available.


We strive to produce healthy, intelligent puppies that are able to integrate comfortably into a variety of age groups, households, and lifestyles. We started breeding with the simple mission to breed the very best dogs that we can, to raise them with love, and to find them the perfect future homes.

80 63e Avenue, Saint-Eustache, QC, Canada

We invest a lot of time and energy with all of our litter having been doing this over 6 years only focusing on whippets we do really know our stuff with this bread. We offer full ongoing support with your puppy and are able to help with any bad habits your puppy may develop the right nutrition plans for your dogs.

1063 Deseronto Road, Greater Napanee, ON, Canada

Superb, classically bred Whippets from the finest bloodlines worldwide. Bred for Soundness, Temperament and Beauty. Health Guaranteed.

Humble, TX, USA

We have been breeding dogs for about 15 years now. Whippets were not our first choice of breed, but they were the best choice! We take pride in raising balanced, sound, and acclimated puppies. This isn’t a job for us, but an honor.

5104 Overlook Dr, Roswell, GA 30075, USA

We have available litters of whippet

We prioritize health, temperament, and soundness in our program. We breed for conformation, performance, and companions. All our health test results are submitted to the OFA.

AKC Whippet Puppies

Ch Hickory Tavern Gold Margarita JC x Bo-Bett Lainie’s Surprise

Whelped: July 27, 2020

Ready to go to their new families: September 27, 2020


The Whippet standard was written to describe a racing and rabbit coursing hound. I believe in breeding towards that goal, to maintain a dog that can excel at the job it was created to do; race and hunt rabbits, and look beautiful doing it while continuing to be fabulous, healthy pets.

Granada Hills, Los Angeles, CA, USA

At Nysa Hill’s Private Estate, all services/tours are by appointment, as our staff works scheduled sessions and assignments with your Best Friend(s). Thank You for eMailing [email protected] to book your appointment.


I am thankful most of all for my whippets, who give me a reason to get up in the mornings, have allowed me to meet some great people, taken me to places I would not otherwise have visited, and definitely have given me a fuller life than I otherwise might have had. Good dogs!


Enjoying whippets for 35 years, we based our line on some of the whippet “immortals”, Ricky,Whirlaway, and Barndance. From our first litter over thirty years ago, to our most current, we have always bred for classic elegance, true gait, and soundness.


Affinity Whippets are proud to announce the puppies of Katie and Willie! Born on May 6th, 2009.


Home to AKC Whippets and Dobermans for Show, Performance or Pet. Puppies and young adults available occasionally.


We believe in quality, not quantity. Our goals are to focus on multipurpose whippets that are not only successful in the show ring and on the lure coursing field, but are also wonderful, healthy pets with outgoing personalities that make a loving part of the family.

Durham, North Carolina, USA

Today we are actively exploring the wonderful world of whippets. The niche we strive to occupy is that of producing the true dual purpose whippet – beautiful to behold, sound of mind and body, and possessing the soul of a true coursing hound.

5610 4th St N, St. Petersburg, FL 33703, USA

Breeder of Best In Field, Dual Champion, LCM, FCh, MC, Field Best of Breed Winning and Top 10 Lure Coursing Whippets.
Top Winning Breeder-Owner-Handled Whippet Bitch in Breed History.


We focus first on temperament and health, in the belief that to be a happy dog, a whippet must be a good pet. We also breed for soundness and “type,” those qualities that make a whippet look and act like a whippet.


Greetings from Ruth and Doug Broadfoot and welcome to our website. We are located near Lynchburg, Virginia and have owned and bred whippets for more than 40 years. As breeders we are most proud of our record in the Bred by Exhibitor classes at the American Whippet Club’s National Specialty Shows.

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